Mark Lowderman, El Paso County Treasurer and former Assessor

Dan May, District Attorney

Darryl Glenn, El Paso County Commissioner (District 1)

Mark Waller, El Paso County Commissioner (District 2)

Stan VanderWerf, El Paso County Commissioner (District 3)

Longinos Gonzalez, Jr., El Paso County Commissioner (District 4)

Peggy Littleton, El Paso County Commissioner (District 5)

Dennis Hisey, Former El Paso County Commissioner (District 4)

Sallie Clark, Former El Paso County Commissioner (District 3)

Jeri Howells, Mayor, City of Fountain (Former)

Jim Bensberg, El Paso County Commissioner, Board Chair (Former)

William Louis, Lawyer (Former County Attorney)

John Bass (Former El Paso County Assessor, El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum)

Joan Lucia-Trese, Board Member CO Centre Metro Dist & PPACG

Corbin Sakdol, Executive Director Colorado Assessors' Association


Joseph & Brenda Behrman

Tanya Ball

John & Mary Husband

Greg & Sue Date

Tim & Dyan Sandell

Mike & Sue Barnes

Mike & Kim Kennedy

Milt & Shelley Cole

Johnny & Julie Walton

Bruce McGrew

Kristin Shannon

Jan Doran

Kay Rendleman

Greg & Patricia Stetson

John & Karri Taylor

Mark Flutcher

Jerry & Liz Storm

Reb Williams

Robert & Mary Stein

Brad Jonswold

Dawn Pappas

Angelina Mabe

Logan & Nilaja Montgomery

Alethea Hoewisch

Eric Anaya & Alex Butrin

Kevin Dietz

Raymond Martinez

Megan McCreight

Kevin & Melodee Crites

Brenda Behrman

Daria & Paul Haynsworth

Frank Beltran

Bev Breakstone


“Steve is a high quality leader who’s been a part of the El Paso County Assessor’s office for over 20 years, a veteran, and active member of the community. He’s played a vital role in helping families to recover from major fires in El Paso county and has influenced new legislation to support seniors across the state of Colorado. I’ve known Steve for a while and we’ve served on boards together. He is a man of integrity, and an individual that keeps his word and wants to help people. He’s the right person to continue leading this department. I encourage you to support him in this upcoming election."

-Mike Kennedy

“Steve is an amazing Assessor has an awesome staff, and the best website in the nation. I have searched property records in other states and Steve's website is above and beyond any other website I have been on. Keep up the good work!”


-Holly Williams


"I'm so proud of the hard work and dedication my brother has brought to the Assessor's Office. He is truly a rock star and amazing guy. Please support him in his upcoming re-election!"

-Tanya Schleiker Ball


“Steve is a terrific public servant and deserves your support!"

-Linda Hendricks Carroll

“Best of the best, right here!"

-Peris Howells

“Steve has served the community of Colorado Springs faithfully for many years.  He brings to his job, his family, and his community volunteer efforts a high standard of integrity, character and hard work.  I believe Steve will continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism as El Paso County Assessor.”


-Brad Jonswold

“Thank you, Steve, and your staff for the outstanding work you do for the citizen's of El Paso County!"

-Joan Lucia-Treese

"Vote for Stephen Schleiker!"

-Haley Behrman

“It has been a pleasure working with Steve on a local community board.  It is my observation he is a team player with exceptional collaboration skills; especially as it relates to communications.  Steve is an approachable person who is open-minded, fair and professional.  With that said I think Steve Schleiker would make a positive impact as the next El Paso County Assessor.”


-Dawn Pappas


“We are lucky to have Steve Schleiker running for El Paso County Assessor.  Steve demonstrates the highest amount of integrity of anyone I know.  His passion for doing what is right and positive can-do attitude are exactly what this County needs.  Vote for Steve Schleiker, he is for the people.”


-Johnny Walton

“Steve is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed as Assessor!"


-Longinos Gonzalez, Jr.

“I am proud to offer my endorsement to Steve Schleiker for El Paso County Assessor. He has operated the office with integrity and truly cares about our community!"

-Darryl Glenn

"Since taking office Steve has advanced the technology and efficiency of the Assessor's Office tremendously."

-Peggy Littleton


“Steve understands the importance of government transparency and strongly implements these practices.”


-Mark Waller

“I believe Steve Schleiker is best qualified to serve as County Assessor!"

-Stan Vanderwerf

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