Key Initiatives

Ensure Government Efficiency and Fiscal Responsibility.

As Assessor, I will continue to identify and implement new approaches to reduce costs and redundancy.
We have implemented a number of changes that have allowed our office to reduce staffing levels by over 20%.  Some of those changes were:

  • Implementing a more detailed and accurate method of re-appraising property.

  • With the assistance of County IT, we launched a “Mobile Office” program for our appraisers.  This program reduced years of redundancy and allowed our appraisers and technicians to be more efficient on a daily basis.

  • We have revamped the residential and non-residential sales verification process.  This change was particularly important during a fluctuating market.  Analyzing closed sales, contract sales, offerings, and listings has resulted in more accurate reporting on market conditions.

  • Restructured the Appraisal and Administrative Departments to focus on customer service and efficiency.

  • I have cooperated with County Officials to implement job share opportunities for interested applicants.  The ability to share employees allows us to meet the needs of multiple offices without increasing yearly budgets.

Continually enhance the Assessor’s Office website.

I will Partner with County IT to further enhance the Assessor’s Office website, which has over 38 million hits a year. I would like to:

  • Allow for our Earth & Stone and Personal Property taxpayers to file their yearly Declaration Schedules on-line.

  • Develop a database that would store email addresses of individuals we send yearly Questionnaires to.  From the onset; this would save our County tax dollars in printing and postage monies.

  • Allow our Real Estate community the ability to do comparable searches on Vacant Land and Commercial Properties.

  • In 2017, we launched the website Community.  This important enhancement offers data on assessments, census, home sales, building permits, maps, and much more.  Community makes government more transparent, a goal I continually strive to meet.  Since this launch website usage has increased by 10% each month.

Be a consistent voice for our seniors and veterans.
I will continually work with local legislators to change the annual funding ‘review’ for the Homestead Exemption.  This exemption should be automatically funded each year.

  • Recently, I voiced my support for SB18-273 before the Senate Finance Committee.  This bill allows seniors currently enrolled in the Homestead Exemption Program a one time portability for senior citizens with a qualifying medical necessity.

Ensure there are fair and equitable assessments throughout El Paso County.

Continually ensure that there are fair and equitable assessments in all classes of property in El Paso County.

Never be satisfied with business as usual.

I am Committed to serve the citizens of El Paso County with efficiency, dedication and integrity.